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Harry/Nick fic prompts!!

I've recently become obsessed with the idea of Nick and Harry being hipster boyfriends, and I think it is the worst kind of travesty that there are only 7 fics on the AO3. A travesty! So, I figured why not do a ficathon type thing here where people can drop off prompts and authors can come in and claim them and write fic and make me everyone really happy! :D?

The rules:

1. Your prompt has to be Harry/Nick.
2. Anything else goes!
3. Please use trigger warning where applicable. If you don't I'm going to delete your comment. Trigger warnings are your friend and mine and the worlds', tbh.
4. One prompt per comment (but feel free to comment 1 billion times).
5. Don't break the 4th wall even though I think Nick would be forever amused that people are writing fic about him and his friend Harry Styles from One Direction. >.>
6. I honestly don't care if authors want to double claim prompts since the output is not going to be the same. The more fic the merrier!
7. Have fun. I demand it.
8. If you fill a prompt please comment to the prompt you filled and link your fic in the comment! I will make a masterlist as things get written. Go forth and fic!


Underage Harry/Nick (Harry's 15 but there's no sex) 1 and 2
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